About the Author

Miriam Stein, MSW, is a skilled advocacy trainer, consultant, speaker and writer committed to helping people from all walks of life who care deeply about social injustices become comfortable expressing their views to lawmakers.

Ms. Stein’s extensive experience centers on state house lobbying and media work, as well as direct service in low-income communities. Her positions include: Director of Governmental Affairs at the National Association of Social Workers, MA Chapter; Director of Communications at the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition; and adjunct instructor at schools of social work. Currently, she is the advocacy consultant to an interfaith Advocacy Network to End Family Homelessness. Ms. Stein has been a featured expert on radio and TV news shows and in newspapers. A speaker at over 30 conferences, she leads eye-opening and enthusiastically received advocacy and media workshops.

She was president of the Massachusetts Human Services Coalition, an organization of more than one hundred human services groups. She served on the Office of Justice and Peace Advisory Committee, Sisters of Saint Joseph, Boston, MA, the first non-Catholic and only member who was not a nun. She heads the Diversity Advisory Committee to the Superintendent of Schools in Arlington, MA and is co-chair of Arlington’s Diversity Task Group. Ms. Stein’s awards include: Social Worker of the Year, National Association of Social Workers, MA Chapter; Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Recognition Award; Citizen Award, Arlington Fair Housing Advisory Committee; and, the Special Award, Foster Kids’ Caucus of the Massachusetts Legislature.

Her articles appeared in Hadassah Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, The Boston Globe, Boston METRO, thejewishwoman.org, and others.

Ms. Stein is available for training, consulting and speaking.